• Finding hope this Easter

    Finding hope this Easter

    Not sure why we celebrate Easter?  Or are you looking for a way to share Easter with your family and friends…

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  • Life 96.5 Hands and Feet – St. Francis House

    Life 96.5 Hands and Feet – St. Francis House

    Are your meals full of love?  Then you should bless someone with your favorite mealtime dish or come bake treats with the…

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  • Anniversary Getaway Giveaway

    Anniversary Getaway Giveaway

    Need a getaway with your spouse?  Get signed up if your wedding anniversary is in April…

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Today's Life Verse: Hebrews 10:19

My friends, the blood of Jesus gives us courage to enter the most holy place, so let’s come near God with pure hearts.

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  • Hope through miscarriage

    Hello, I requested prayers a couple a weeks ago as my husband and I were facing complications with our first pregnancy at our 9 week mark. Through all the...

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  • Time with kids over new job

    My wife recently had the opportunity to return to work full time to a job in which she would have nearly doubled her income. After much deliberation and...

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  • protection & vindication

    pray for members of my family who have been taken advantage of & now are being "thrown under the bus" by their abuser/accuser! Pray that everything ends well....

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  • health

    pray for good health for my family. that we will be free of cancer, heart disease, depression, & my weight...

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