• Weekend to Remember

    Weekend to Remember

    Congratulations to the WINNER of a couple’s registration/hotel: Cheryl Fischer from Scotland, SD!!…

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  • Life 96.5 October H&F – Sharing Christmas

    Life 96.5 October H&F – Sharing Christmas

    Adopt a family, shop for some of their basic needs, and fill them with hope……

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  • October Anniversary Getaway Giveaway

    October Anniversary Getaway Giveaway

    Here’s your chance to WIN a 2-night getaway with your spouse……

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  • Fall Share ~ Give a gift, change a life!

    Fall Share ~ Give a gift, change a life!

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Today's Life Verse: Proverbs 3:27

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act.

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  • "Bear" the lost big white loving dog

    he is still gone and I am so sad, I can hardly handle it. May go give me some peace. I just want to know he is ok. I need to know he is ok ! thank you for...

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  • The devils tool confusion and anger are winning

    I am confused and sometimes angry. I have been hurt for the last 3 years from a bad medical product. It has ruined my life alkng with the decisions I have...

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  • Homeless

    I would ask that pray for my me and my family for a home. although we are staying with a friend we need our place live. It is hard to keep a smile on my face...

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  • Miracle

    Lord I beleive you Will heal and restore my marriage. Bring my husband home for the holidays. I claim this in Jesus name...

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