• July Anniversary Getaway Giveaway

    July Anniversary Getaway Giveaway

    Ready for a chance to WIN a 2-night getaway?…

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  • Life 96.5 July Hands & Feet – Celebrating Families

    Life 96.5 July Hands & Feet – Celebrating Families

    Bless a family by dropping off a new package of socks & underwear at Lewis Drug Stores

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  • 2014 Sticker Stops

    2014 Sticker Stops

    See you in Dell Rapids Thursday! Don’t forget to bring new packages of socks/underwear…

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  • Lunch for a Bunch

    Lunch for a Bunch

    Congrats to Kelly Ioween at Walmart North!…

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Today's Life Verse: Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.

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  • Husbands spiritual healing

    Bring down the walls and take off the blinders for the Holy Spirit to speak directly to my husband. Bring healing in Jesus' name to his childhood thru God and...

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  • Financial struggles

    Lord give the strength and the means necessary to provide for my...

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  • Marriage

    Lord open my husbands eyes and heart. I pray you restore us for all your glory...

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  • broken relationship

    The sting of rejection hurts, the whys and things that could have been done different. I thought we were happy. Lord grant me strength and...

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